''I didn't know what I had until I walked over to it. When he shot this buck, there were six does in the field in front of him, but the buck didnt have any interest in them at all. The Model 336 is expected to be launched soon; the Model 1894 should launch this spring. There have been a few bucks over the past few years out of Virginia with super wide racks, but none to our knowledge have surpassed the 30-inch mark. Once she made her intentionsor lack thereofclear, the buck gave up and slowly made his way toward Hayden. 2. UPDATED 8:55 A.M., MARCH 20, 2018 - Debi Elliott reports she has received an official antler score on the big buck she bagged with her crossbow in October near her Bedford County home. Then, around 8:10 a.m., Rudden noticed this buck coming across a creek, but thought it was a different deer he had been after. Virginia "I am a very lucky person, and this is what hunting is all about," he said. Browning's Rafę Nielsen shares details on the new X-Bolt Pro LR McMillan hunting rifle with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Let us know what you thought about these Monsters! Give a Gift "My partner would have shot him, but he was on the wrong side of the fence. Here's a look at big bucks tagged during the 2022 deer-hunting season, as told in our weekly Regional Rut Update reports this season. "We are very blessed to have family and friends who open their property up to these boys," Wallace says. At this moment, the buck raised his head to check the wind and Wayne felt he was going to be busted. Paul Sears first gained permission to access an Oklahoma property for coyote and varmint hunting. In mid-November, Alan Hunt encountered a buck in-person for the first time since previously only seeing him on a single trail-cam image in 2018. In this region of Virginia, 10-point bucks are rare, but one buck Haynie saw on a trail camera in 2015 on those hard-hunted 300 acres struck his fancy. The buck stepped out into a cut cornfield at 7:20 a.m. Amanda promptly shouldered her rifle and placed a perfect shot that dropped the buck in his tracks. After three years and 20-plus coyotes in the bag, he finally received the green light to hunt whitetails, and this season he tagged a monster 5 1/2-year-old, 174 5/8-inch buck there. The buck immediately approached her stand and stopped at 40 yards, offering a clean, broadside shot. | It was cold and crisp, so he suspected it might be a good afternoon. The big 9-pointer began pursuing one of them. With about 10 minutes of light left, they spotted a big deer walking across the field. This was when Wayne really got a grasp of the actual size of this beautiful whitetail. The mature buck slowly made his way upthe dry creek bed in the timber until stepping out into a small clearing. Score: 155 inches. Brandon Butler. There was little movement at the outset of the hunt, with only a couple button bucks making their way under his stand. Discover our growing collection of curated stories on Minnehaha County. Shed hunting isn't easy, but can offer unique opportunities. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. David's buck took over the Number 4 position for Typical Bow kills in the list that ranks the top five buck scores for all time in West Virginia. 10. He was kissing the deer. They were in the woods prior to daylight. Learn more in the video above, with Remington's Joel Hodgdon and Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. At 6:30, with about a half hour left of light, Garries hadn't seen any deer, so he decided he should try grunting. In essence, of the near three-quarters of a million . I was fortunate enough to bag him, said Masoner. "Without them, I would not have gotten a chance at this quality of a deer," he says. As it turns out, Wilderness Whitetails specializes in abnormally-large whitetail deer and antlers, as proven by the game farm's trophy gallery and this montage from their YouTube channel published years ago. But, given the windy conditions, they debated whether a hunt was even worth the bother. I'll remember this day and hunt forever.". "The deer were hungry, and I knew they would be coming to acorns.". I was going hunting.". 9 talking about this. And those qualities endure, even in death. It's a spot that holds good deer, but it's very difficult to hunt due to minimal shooting lanes. All Rights Reserved. He need not worry. One thats recently caught our attention is this super wide buck from Virginia with a reported 32-inch inside spread. The buck was supposedly killed around Chase City on October 30th on a large tract of land that borders the town limits where hunting is not allowed. Eventually, the buck walked to within 15 yards. As the pair ate lunch they decided to move to a different location in the same zone several miles away and hunt an area where they had seen quality deer sign back in 2016. In the video above, Matt Willson of Ruger highlights the features with Game & Fish's John Taranto. But the buck paused on his own, presenting a perfect broadside shot. Browning Ammunition has two big-game hunting loads new for 2023 that are effective on a wide range of species: the Max Point and Silver Series. The top Virginia buck in Boone and Crockett is a 38-point Buckingham County trophy killed in 1986 by James Shumaker of New Canton. "I put my scope on it to see if it was a doe or buck, and all I saw was antlers.". Smith, 50, took the deer, which weighed 215 pounds field-dressed, on opening day of last season. When the news broke last fall that Clifton Forge's John Feazell had killed a new Virginia state-record non-typical buck with a Pope & Young score of 221 2/8, whitetail . Hjrleifr Hrmarsson (9th century), early settler of Iceland whose thralls (slaves) rebelled and killed him. Over the next few weeks, Sutphin had one mission and that was to put an arrow into Willie Chappell. Joshua recalled his fathers advice over the years: stay calm, take a deep breath and move ultra-slowly. Then my buck showed up, and we knew he was big. He arrowed the 158 7/8-inch buck on Oct. 28 from a treestand on the edge of a standing bean field. And a few little bucks were on her, too. The barometric pressure was up and the wind was perfect for the area I wanted to hunt. He did say, however, that scrapes and rubs are abundant in his area, and young bucks are visibly sparring frequently. Hunting is not. Nathan Simmons of Browning and Game & Fish's John Taranto take a closer look at both cartridges at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. "Hard work pays offnever give up," Jackson says. There is a good chance that the buck lived in the safety of the town limits for most of its life to get this big. Joshua felt that his shot was a quality one, but with all the sudden action and the deer running out of sight into the thicket he couldnt be sure. He knew he was on a time clock with this giant, because Willie only visited the sanctuary for a short period of time before heading back to his home territory. Wallace got to his stand and began studying the images. The Collins left their residence at 3 a.m. to give them time to check in and get to their destination. "This is a way of life. The deer began to walk away and Wayne prayed for him to change directions. Yes, it is a legitimate buck. Only 10minutes had passed when he noticed a deer coming out of the thicket that the doe had bounded into. So not only do we want them to leave with a trophy buck, but also some helpful advice from guys who have been through it. With stories from East River South Dakota, Siouxland, South Dakota, Lincoln County (S.D. The buck was out beyond his comfort zone, so he waited patiently for it to move closer. . His spot was deep in a hollow flanked by steep hardwood ridges on each side. ELD Match, and 175 gr. He sat on an old fallen log and watched a doe move by. Josh Honeycutt. Western Whiskerfish: Trophy Flatheads, Channels, Even Blues, Tackle Test 2022: Top Bass Rods & Reels Reviewed, Tag the Best Pronghorn of Your Life This Season, Exotic Fishing Paradise Awaits in South Florida, Sweet Streams: 5 Hot Rivers for Midwest Smallies, Go Big or Go Home to Hook Lunker Summer Bass, Go Whole Hog for Delectable Backyard Pork BBQ, Winchester Big Bore: Backcountry Bear Protection, Classic Marlin: 336 and 1894 Lever-Action Hunting Rifles, NWTF's Passion for Wild Turkey Conservation Still Burns After 50 Years, First Look: Leupold's BX-4 Range HD Rangefinding Binos, Browning's Max Point, Silver Series Rifle Ammunition, New Hunting Ammo from Remington: 360 Buckhammer, New from Browning: X-Bolt Pro LR McMillan, Hornady's Hot New 7mm PRC Cartridge: SHOT 2023, Hawke Optics' Frontier LRF Laser Range Finding Binoculars, New from LaRue Tactical: Siete Chassis Rifle. It was a northwest wind pushing my scent out of the hollow and into the open sage field.". The G2s were just over 12 inches long and the G3s were just over 13 inches. Although there were certainly bigger bucks killed in other parts of the state, Masoner believed it was quite large for this part of West Virginia and unique. Hunting is something we live for down here. This was her first archery buck, and she was hunting alongside her hunting mentor, Paul Baker. However, the buck was still moving so Rotarius put a second round into it just in case. "They're hammering cut corn and beans," the bowhunter says. Four years ago, Justin Gibson decided it was time for a new challenge. Smith, 50, took the deer, which weighed 215 pounds field-dressed, on opening day of last season. Experts determined that the buck died of natural causes and demolished the score of the previous record, 286 inches from a buck . With just under 3,000 acres of land and some 100 different stands to hunt in Northern Neck, Virginia, Russell Haynie has a lot of options when it comes to deer hunting, but on Sunday evening Nov. 12, 2017, he definitely decided to hunt the right place at the right time. The pictures were dated late October and early November. ELD-X Precision Hunter). In the video above, Leopold's Shawn Skipper highlights the features of the exciting new optics with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. The deer was certainly the largest at the Virginia Deer Hunters Association's Virginia Deer Classic at The Showplace in Mechanicsville. Deer Kill Data. Regarding the harvest of a piebald deer December 11, 2019 On December 3, 2019, my 17-year-old son was hunting alone on our vacant property on Spring Hill Mountain in West Virginia during a legal hunting season when he shot and harvested a piebald deer. Abijah Hunt (1762-1811), planter and merchant in the Natchez District in Mississippi . The buck then moved into a second food plot where a cellular trail camera sent him a close-up image of the buck. We'd had very warm weather and this buck just would leave his bed in a cedar swamp during the day. The scales tipped at 218 pounds and hats were tipped to Wayne when this buck was dropped off at the butcher shop. The buck dropped immediately as Haynie quickly reloaded and walked cautiously toward the buck, prepared to shoot again if need be. This buck was seen over the past several years on trail cameras, and Amanda and her family havehad a long history with the deer. New regulations limit an event's boat numbers to 75 percent of the parking capacity and requires all cell phone and license numbers be kept at the ready if requested by DNR representatives. Road kill along I-79 or U.S. Route 19 were the most prominent threats, but also illegal hunting from the roadway was also a concern. Cochran has ink in his veins and his super-sleuthing skills via a great network uncovered the truth. His company, Maximum Exposure Productions, has done work for operations like Midwest Whitetail and Operation Impact 22. "They hunt for three or four days and get to see what Iowa whitetail hunting is all about. As Delta Waterfowl's Regional Director for Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, Wallace puts a lot of rubber on the road and spends more nights away from home than he'd like. Learn more in the video above, with Remington's Joel Hodgdon and Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Twice, she won the Missouri Outdoor Communicator's Buck Rogers Memorial Scholarship. Dustin Prievo. On 10/14, the Deer Park varsity football team lost their away conference game against Newport (WA) by a score of 35-21. Location: Calhoun County, S.C. After her success last weekend, she's now shot a good buck three seasons in a row. He fell to a well-placed arrow from a compound bow. "If I kept grunting, he kept coming," Hayden says. Then, two more. "Uncle Kevin was pretty much my outdoors influence," Wallace ways. Here's a look at big bucks tagged during the 2022 deer-hunting season, as told in our weekly Regional Rut Update reports this season. Georgia's Hunter Rotarius keeps a detailed inventory of the bucks on the property where he hunts. That afternoon, the rain cleared out and a cold front pushed in. Gray streaks in its hide reveal that the venerable deer was wise and defiant in life. Darn sure is, and congrats to Wilson along with thanks to Cochran for his assistance. Elliott said the greatest antler spread was 22 5/8, the right main beam measured 26 4/8 and the . This federally-owned property provides about 28,000 acres of hunting land and few basic rules. The No. ", The buck was aged at 8 1/2 years old.Josh Honeycutt. All Game & Fish subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. After the 60-day drying period, Norm Parchewsky, Robert Allemand, and Allan Holtvogt, all Boone and Crockett official measurers, scored the buck at 213-1/8 in a ceremony attended by more than 400 people. NEXT:NON-HUNTERS ATTEMPT DEER CALLS IN HILARIOUS VIDEO No one had been there since January. "Hunting is very different than fishing," Plunkett says. The biggest gun-killed typical, which measured 1702/8, was killed Dec. 1 in Fayette County by Jeffrey Bragg. Here is the story behind his famous, record-breaking hunt. Around the same time, a farmer driving a combine was exiting a nearby cornfield, and Barrera was able to sneak in and set up as the farmer was coming out. This year's total included 90,242 antlered bucks, 1,113 bucks that had shed their antlers, 11,921 button bucks, and 81,692 does . Then, at about 3:20 p.m., a double-drop-tine buck walked right down the same trail as the does had earlier in the afternoon. (Photo courtesy of Max Mongrello). Max Mongrello is a 25-year-old Southerner working to make his way in the Midwestern whitetail world. Available in 180- and 200-grain sizes. With all this in mind, heres a look at three of the most remarkable Old Dominion non-typical bucks taken in the state in 2017. At SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. The rifle has five caliber offerings, two barrel choices and three different riser stocks. Ball shot that buck, waited about 30 minutes, then started the walk back to his side-by-side to load it up. Ball arrived at the farm soon after daylight and spotted a buck chasing a doe in a river bottom. After he squeezed the trigger and the smoke cleared, there lied this mature whitetail buck. Then, at about 4 p.m., a doe emerged to feed in the food plot over which she was hunting. Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller gets more info from Hawke's Paige Shipe at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. "If I stopped grunting, he would turn and go back toward the doe. He was kind of a local rock star there with people who hunt and people going to and from the resort, Masoner said in an interview for West Virginia Outdoors. "As soon as I settled in, I notice a big, fresh scrape on the edge of the field in front of me," Rodes said. At first, I thought it was a white barrel at the bottom of this hollow he was in. Wayne Stevens of Maryland was joined by his brothers on their lease property in Frederick County, Md., during the early muzzleloading season for a hunt they will never forget. During the 2022-23 deer hunting season, hunters harvested 184,968 deer in Virginia, down approximately 3% from the 190,582 deer taken during the same time frame the previous season. LOGAN, W.Va. Bucky Sargent . There are a lot of big deer pictures floating around the Internet these days. Everything happened quickly after that, and the buck came in fast despite seeming tired and winded. The following morning, Rudden was on stand as day broke. He worked it for 10 minutes, then turned to walk toward [me]. Check out these 10 monster bucks that were taken throughout the country. The timing couldnt have been better. "His schedule was very sporadic, and he showed up on one of my cameras on November 20 while I was at church," Gatlin says. This monstrous whitetail from Virginia definitely grabbed our attention when it began circulating on social media and hunting sites recently, and the mystery behind its validity was quite the topic for a while.. Virginia hunter Jim Wilson killed this 12-pointer on Oct. 30, a buck with a 32-inch spread that doesn't look like a Commonwealth deer! He immediately called his son and thanked him for the suggestion and opportunity to sit in his stand. The new Frontier, available in 8x42 and 10x42, has all the range-finding capabilities a hunter needs. Minnehaha County. The buck earned the name "Willie Chappell" after having shed his antlers in two areas on a 2,400-acre property owned by Sutphin's cousin known as "Willie's Woods . Thats by far the biggest buck I ever killed. On Nov. 17, after lunch, he climbed into an elevated blind along the edge of a cut cotton field. Opening Day Success in Pennsylvania . "As luck would have it, he came out and walked straight across the field to that scrape. The buck is a tall 10-pointer with a broken G4 on its left antler. For complete deer season you read Virginia Deer Season 2022-2023. 430 pound buck shot in Hartford, MI yesterday. It is the potential world record, not to mention potential state record, for the Long Hunter Society, the national muzzleloading big-game records program. Features quick-change barrel system. This deer is one of the biggest that I have ever seen and one that could hold the record for a very long time! As it turns out, Wilderness Whitetails specializes in abnormally-large whitetail deer and . The buck ran 20 yards, tipped over and tumbled down the ridge into the ditch in front of him. Date of Kill: Aug. 22, 2021. He zigged and zagged out in the field, then he mounted the doe. The wind was blowing upwards of 22 mph when Illinois hunter Fernando Barrera, 20, got off work at 3 p.m. on Oct. 13, and headed to pick up his dad to hunt a public parcel near Kankakee. Two bucksa small 8-pointer and the big 9answered by bursting from a small patch of woods on the backside of a pond. After shooting four does, it was time for Develle to punch a buck tag. The buck's 11-point rack had a 17-inch spread . Even as he was using his Summit climber to ascend a tree near the field he was doubting his chances of seeing the mysterious buck. Stephen Tucker's non-typical record once the largest hunter-killed non-typical in the country was taken in Sumner County in 2016 and is the fourth largest non-typical of all time. This massive buck became one of deer hunting's biggest urban legends. Masoner hunts of a piece of property owned by his dad which sits adjacent to public land off the Roanoke exit. The rifle has five caliber offerings, two barrel choices and three different riser stocks. Alvey waited on the outskirts in case the buck jumped up as Joshua headed into the brush. He turned slowly to check it out and a doe was standing just feet from him. Deer Management in Virginia; 2007 Deer Facts; About Deer Antlers; Black Bears in Virginia; Wild Turkey Management; 2007 Turkey Facts; State Contest Winners. Thats a Virginia deer? Both does seemed anxious, however, and with the wind and ATV noises, Jessica feared her hunt was going to be a bust. The buck showed up on camera just once in the summer. One camera showed a photo of a big 8-pointer, probably pushing 150 inches, as well as the big buck, who at this time was a 14-pointer with a split G2 and one split brow! He was too far for a shot, so I let him work his way toward me. The earliest versions of these e-mailed pictures said the deer . Just $1 per month . "Fishing is competitive. Nobody had seen anything like him until around Labor Day. A female bald eagle got herself ensnared in an illegally staged steel trap in mid-February, but due to the kindness and work of quite a few, she's now on the mend. Hunters in Texas have killed 200 bucks since 2010 that made book. The new 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge from Hornady is available in three loads (160 gr. So, to have him now taking my children outdoors, it really means the world to me.". Amanda had made the 10-point her primary target for this rifle season, and she connected during the first hour! He says the local scene went dead when temperatures peaked near 80 degrees last week. Bucks have been doing some chasing, but not a ton with the warm weather. The shot was perfect, and he went down within 50 yards. With about 15 minutes of legal light left, he saw the big buck milling on the field edge. Theres some public land off the Roanoke exit of I-79 and some guys I know had caught him on trail cameras in there. Wayne and his brothers joined together over the deer, shared some hugs and backslaps, took a few photos and proceeded to drag the deer up to the trucks. The summer of 2017 was ending and still there were no pictures of Willie. Just me, my thoughts, and the big man upstairs. His preparation had paid off. According to Masoner, it was no ordinary buck for this part of the state. Moore and Baker chose to hunt the buck in the evening and said it was a very active evening in which they saw more than 20 does, 6 bucks and a flock of turkeys. ''When I told her it had 35 points, I heard my daughter in the background say, `What's dad been drinking?' Sheds from this great Virginia buck were found over the past three seasons within an 800-yard radius. how to restart filebeat in windows, michigan high school hockey records,